NYT: Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime

This article from August 2011 in the NYT explains why digital device users need a boost in downtime more than anyone.

Almost certainly, downtime lets the brain go over experiences it’s had, solidify them and turn them into permanent long-term memories,” said Loren Frank, assistant professor in the department of physiology at the university, where he specializes in learning and memory. He said he believed that when the brain was constantly stimulated, “you prevent this learning process.

I’d go a little further and say you prevent a whole range of positive mental processes, including creativity and emotionally digesting the experiences you’ve soaked up during the day.

Video gamers make better surgeons

I’ve seen quite a few studies of the impact of video games on players and their brains. This article has findings that are concrete and intriguing.

Researchers found that doctors who spent at least three hours a week playing video games made about 37 percent fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery and performed the task 27 percent faster than their counterparts who did not play video games.

via Surgeons may err less by playing video games