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Timespan Visualization

A new tool called¬†ChronoZoom¬†provides a glimpse into coming advancements in educational technology–just as applicable for trained scientists as for students. Looking at it today, I felt a little how I felt the first time I saw wikipedia.

It overlays timelines from the big bang through the evolution of life, right up through recent history. Besides a zooming feature that gives an amazing sense of the scales of time for each timeline in comparison to one another, there are also links to videos discussing particular periods and thresholds.

From the about page:

ChronoZoom is an open source community project dedicated to visualizing the history of everything to bridge the gap between the humanities and sciences using the story of Big History to easily understand all this information. This project has been funded and supported by Microsoft Research Connections in collaboration with University California at Berkeley and Moscow State University.


The origins of agriculture

At first, patches of wild cereals were protected and harvested. Later, land was cleared and seeds were planted and tended, to increase quantity and reliability of supply. Exorphins attracted people to settle around cereal patches, abandoning their nomadic lifestyle, and allowed them to display tolerance instead of aggression as population densities rose in these new conditions.

via The origins of agriculture.