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Our Consciousness of Time

I stumbled across an excellent article on time perception at a site called “dichotomistic.” The article is well-written and not overly scholarly. Most of the readily accessible articles on time perception are excerpts from scholarly publications. I have an avid interest in the subject and yet they are too dry for me. But not this one, titled: our consciousness of time, by John McCrone.

Clearly our ability to sense time is the work of brain processes that sometimes go awry. Most of us take the sense for granted-but not the handful of researchers around the world who are hell bent on discovering where it comes from in the brain. ‘Now it’s obvious that a sense of time is something the brain must actively construct, there are questions to answer,” says Russell Church, a neuroscientist at Brown University in Rhode Island.

The active construction of time by the brain suggests that one of the best ways we have of learning about the state of the brain constructing time for us, is to measure what the brain has constructed – an estimate of time passed. Brain science researchers are still figuring out how time perception works, but that is no reason not to let your own perception of time give you insights into yourself.